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PublMe Space
PublMe Space
💾 How to add your works to PublMe

When you choose our free #PayIfYouEarn Digital Music Distribution service this process is done by us automatically.

However, if you want just to upload tracks to the Explore platform without a global release (on DSPs like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon Music, TikTok, etc.) to represent yourself, you can do this easily after you Enter The Space

After creating the demo you would like to get some precious feedback from the community and you can do that in Space.

The musicians services are available for you to get creative and bring your tracks to the final product stage.

Present your works and create the Space Stores.

The Process
01. Register in Space

Enter the Space by joining PublMe Space community network

02. Set up your profile

Connect accounts and fill in the profile. Choose to 'Become A Producer'

03. Verify your artist

You need to claim an artist at Explore or create a new one to start uploading tracks

04. Upload tracks

Simply Distribute your music or use Upload button at Explore

05. Music feedback

Get feedback on your music on the platform either it's both demo or released track

06. Rewards

Get rewards from the community for your music

Upload your music now

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