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Educate & Create

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For Everyone. Really.

We are here to make everyone happy to produce their piece of art. Music creators: musicians, authors, producers, artists - please choose this way. Educate - Create - Socialize - Explore - Monetize, all on one platform. Join us.


For Everyone. Really.

Our community is built to provide  opportunities for indie labels and publishers to push forward their musical acts. Either it is music video, production music for game or film - please join us.


For Everyone. Really.

Our respected clients are from horeca, retail, advertisement and entertainment markets. We are here to provide to you the best licensing capabilities as well as providing royalty-free music catalogues. Welcome to PublMe.




About Life Cycle

We are artists, producers, composers. It is very difficult to earn money from music, especially when you are young and just starting. We were struggling to get anywhere with our music for ages... We are here to help each other.

The Mission
Create discovering potential for all layers of the music sphere, but with an emphasis on the undiscovered cultural elite of society, discovering new talents in their formation

The Philosophy
- To convey the truth to the world about the emotional experiences of people, the essence of everything around, dreams and invisible sides (Truth)
- To discover undiscovered talents (Equity)
- To produce and show emotional products (Emotions)

"Life Cycle Limited" is created for independence and unity

PublMe is the tool to change

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Contact Information

Should you have any questions, please send us a message


+385 99 782 99 00 (Telegram)


Horvacanska cesta 53B, Zagreb, 10000, Croatia


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