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For Everyone. Really.

We are here for musicians and other creators to be happy producing their pieces of art and to make them discovered in new different ways. Music creators: musicians, authors, producers, artists - connect to the growing community network and monetize your creativity. Join the world and independent movement built around music. Create - Educate - Distribute - Promote - License - Explore new content. Enter the Space!


For Everyone. Really.

Our core community network is built to provide opportunities for modern independent creative businesses or virtual indie labels and publishers to present their products. Either it is a creative service, educational course, music for a release, production music or beats - please join and get feedback. Freelancers who provide own services are more than welcome as we have built a virtual economy with new types of monetization.


For Everyone. Really.

Become a listener of music you would love. We are here to offer the unique independent music listening experience on the platform and new tools. Get a license for music while there is a growing royalty-free music catalogue from independent producers and partner indie labels. Join users who came from film, game, entertainment and other markets or just a developer who starts a music career. Welcome to PublMe!




About Life Cycle

We are artists, producers, composers. It is very difficult to earn money from music, especially when you are young and just starting. We were struggling to get anywhere with our music for ages... We are here to support each other.

The Mission
Create potential for all and everyone in the music business, discovering new talents and leading them through their formation.

The Philosophy
- To convey the truth to the world about the emotional experiences of people, the essence of everything around, dreams and invisible sides (Truth)
- To discover undiscovered talents (Equality)
- To produce and show emotional products (Emotions)

"Life Cycle" has been created for independence and unity

PublMe is the tool to change


For Everyone.

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