PublMe extension is for production teams, indie labels, solo producers and their clients from the industry

What is it

When you are a recording artist or music producer you want to get the best quality from your recording and for this purpose at PublMe you can collaborate with other creators of the Musicverse PublMe community to create a final product you would like to hear and to see.

Internal and external monetization for the PublMe community network has been build to make collaboration easier in both systems: as a virtual economy and as a usual crypto or fiat. Music distribution to DSPs, sync/licensing, your services or digital products sales and other agency services are the good addition to the professional collaboration. PublMe rewards and transactional system is used to transfer PMCoins and to exchange them bringing the new types of monetization for creators.

When working in production you need to keep all your steps made well-documented and to have them with a possibility to get the data you need very fast and to share it easily in private or with a group of colleagues from the industry. Also you need to find a required piece of media very fast, you would like to keep it all simple.

Using our annotation tool and files sharing with posts and boards is making it easy to exchange and collaborate with your colleagues and clients from the community network of creators while sharing your projects and products as well. You can invite them both to PublMe and show your Space Profile page with the information you would like to share.


Files cloud share

Own files cloud to collaborate with your team or with the other people and teams from the community network, Premium big files Upload Feature available.


Pro collaboration

Annotation tool to work with media files and to use annotations in addition to comments. Sharing your files in private, with teams or with the community using virtual economy built around PMCoins.


Spaces and Market

Private community spaces and stores for content and projects, Premium users-created Content Access in PublMe Space with PMC economy and monetization.


The Musicverse Tools

New music tools built for creators by the Musicverse PublMe community of creators working in production and multimedia looking into the future.


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