🤑 Support Artists

Reward your favorite artist and promote new creations

You can reward your favorite artist, author, producer with some money 💰

Find a track you like and click on the artist profile where you may see the magic Reward button

Artists will see the transferred PMC amount right in their PublMe Space account Balances and their wallets

Transfer your PMCs


Select a music track of the artist you like and click on the Reward 💸 button in the artist profile


Services powered by the community and by our partners

Music Promotion Packages

Marketing packages built for musicians

Increase awareness of your latest release, tour, video and raise your social profile. We do way more than just hitting the "boost" button.

Synchronization and Licensing

Licensing catalogue

Submit your music if you would like to be presented in the catalogue and Monetize your music in Sync to: Blog Videos, Films, Games, Advertisements, Commercial Recordings, Public Performances, etc.

NFT Gallery and Minting

NFT market

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token in a blockchain.
Visit the gallery and become a minter of your Musicverse NFT. Mint your exclusive NFTs and show up in the Musicverse PublMe collection.

Agency PublMe

Your own Space stores

Creators services for independent artists and musicians are available in the Space community network. Join the movement, Enter the Space and create your own Space Stores.

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